If you have been struggling
with certain patterns for many years
such as:


Financial lack or worry


A sense of being invisible or hidden


Being afraid to speak your truth and stand up for yourself
in some situations


Repeated health problems, injuries or disabilities


A sense of being disconnected from your body, from God/Source,
or both


A deep longing to know what your true purpose is


Relationship patterns that are painful or unsatisfying, whether you have been attracting abuse, people not on your level, “OK” relationships, or spent a very long time being alone and lonely


Feeling stuck in the wrong job, like you’re wasting your time, your soul is being sapped, and this isn’t who you really are (even though you may be good at it and it may even pay well)

If you feel like this is your time for redefining and rebirthing yourself so the next chapter of your life is beyond wonderful in ALL areas: health, wealth, love and happiness…

If you want to get your JOY back…

If you are really ready to awaken spiritually and connect with your angels and spirit guides and with God/Source much more consistently, clearly and confidently, to bring clarity and blessings to yourself and others…

If you are willing to do what it takes to make 2016 your best year yet and experience a truly quantum leap through your


Then my Golden Portal Healing &
Coaching Program is for you.

Here’s the thing. You can stay where you are, either stuck or making slow progress toward the life of your dreams. If that’s just not good enough for you and you are eager and feeling a fire deep within that is urging you to step into your power as the incredible Lightworker, Lifelover and Joydancer you came here to be, you were guided to the exact spiritual healer, teacher and coach that you have been waiting or even praying for.


"You, created only a little lower than
The angels, have crouched too long in
The bruising darkness."
- Maya Angelou

Now is the time to get clear and get in gear. You have waited and wondered long enough, too long, as Maya said. I can help you rebirth yourself - and remirth yourself! Get your joy back!

Here’s why (and pay attention to what you are feeling in your soul and in your body as you read these words, which are more than words):

"The significant problems we face can not be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them." - Albert Einstein

To really BREAK FREE so you can MOVE FORWARD, you absolutely need to use the 3 Golden Keys which you may have heard me talk about:

SELF-LOVE: So you can become a much wider receiver of blessings and enjoy life. Self-love is the essential foundational key for everything you desire: Abundant Wealth, Lasting Soulmate Love, Creativity and Spiritual Connection, Health & Joy.

This is crucial because your subconscious is 400,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind! (According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief and many new research studies in mind-body medicine) Your subconscious beliefs are actually CREATING YOUR EXPERIENCES IN LIFE and are powerful magnets. Wondering what your subconscious beliefs really are? Just look at your life because your experiences are "a printout of your subconscious mind." (Cellular Biologist and Epigeneticist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.)

HEALING AND ATTUNING YOUR ENERGY FIELD: You need to clear out negative energies, blocks, cords, entities, heal and energize all 11 of your major chakras, and vibrationally ALIGN so you are in energetic resonance with your desires. Nearly everyone needs healing support with this, especially for very old, deep issues.

The Real Truth is this:
It is not so easy to do all this without support.

With the right support, both from your guides and angels and from the right human teacher who has the right tools and can provide loving wisdom and motivating accountability so you use them and stay on track...

With the right healing that is deep enough and high enough, extremely holistic and powerful...

And with a solid commitment to yourself, to Spirit, and to the life you came here to really live, together we will help you experience VIBRATIONAL ACCELERATION.

I am not the right healer, coach or spiritual teacher for everyone. Don’t sign up for this unless you are willing to dedicate about ½ hour a day for several months and you are willing to EXPAND YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS AND SENSE OF WHO YOU ARE and really grow as a spirit as well as a prosperous, happy human being.

This is not for dabblers or personal growth “tire kickers.”

This Omnidimensional Soul & Energy Healing is the Real Deal, and if you make this commitment, I will serve as a powerful, inspiring CATALYST. If you show up and use the tools, it is extremely likely that you will get awesome results.

I will be the midwife to your soul’s rebirth.

And soon you will BE at a whole new level physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, creatively, socially and financially.

Here’s why:


I AM currently the only provider of Omnidimensional Healing™ on Planet Earth. This method of soul healing is called “OMNI” -- meaning ALL HEALING. It is a unique term gifted to me by Archangel Michael just in the past 2 years when I discovered with amazement that a new intuitive method of healing that I was doing with my clients was creating astounding results, often miracles of transformation in just one or a few sessions.

I have been a holistic healer since 1994 and have many, many tools in my toolbox including Reiki, hypnotherapy, guided meditation, chakra energy work, shamanic healing including Soul Retrieval and power animal journeying, past-life regression, dreamwork, spiritual counseling, intuitive readings and more.

But what I saw taking place at these healings went way beyond anything I had ever seen before or even knew was possible.

So I asked Spirit: “What do I call this? This is healing on all dimensions. People are healing their past, present and future and even healing their ancestors and children. How can I possible describe this in mere words? Is this multidimensional healing?”

Archangel Michael kind of chuckled and said, “Sage, multidimensional means nothing. A pencil is multidimensional. Everything is multidimensional. What you are doing now is much more than that.

"This is OMNIdimensional healing™ and you need to call it that."

Working with the angels, the Star Cousins (helpful cosmic intergalactic beings who are helping Earth at this crucial time), the ascended masters and deities such as Jesus, Paramhansa Yogananda, Sai Baba, Isis, Kuan Yin and others who choose to work through me on your behalf, I will facilitate the healing you are ready for right now.

The more powerful and spiritual any experience is, the harder it is to describe in words, as I’m sure you have noticed.

The thing to pay attention to right now is not just these words and the information, it is the energy you are feeling.

Are you feeling a quickening?
An excitement?
A sense of opening and joy and yes?

If so, this is the perfect, Spirit-guided choice for you and
I AM honored to be in sacred service.


I experienced a life-changing, third-eye-opening spiritual awakening in 1994, which involved multiple Near-Death Experiences, angels, shamanic initiation and downright miracles and have been blessed with an ability to "see" energy and channel higher guidance ever since.

Omnidimensional Healing™ is the only energy healing modality on the planet that integrates angelic healing, shamanic soul healing including Soul Retrieval, hypnotherapy, guided imagery and regression, inner child healing, heart meditations, intuitive channeling and installation of the Highest Truths your soul has been longing for.

Words are energy. Your Highest Truth statements, which you or I or both of us receive during your session(s), are more than just words. They are the EXACT neurolinguistic energy bundles that are the perfect healing remedies from your spirit guides which counteract the limiting beliefs (Archangel Michael calls those "B.S."! Also standing for "Belief to Shift" LOL)

This is not just a past-life "reading." In as little as one session, you may be set free from the negativity and fear that you have been suffering from for many lifetimes.


Your Omni Healing may also feature power animals, colors, numbers, sacred symbols, healing from the Star Cousins & Alliance of Light, Archangel Michael and other ascended masters - PLUS Reiki and chakra healing, spiritual clearing, aura smoothing and magnetizing and more.

Whew! As you can see, Omni Healing is an astounding integration of Spirit-guided soul and energy healing that is perfect for you in the moment. Each session is different and is guided by Archangel Michael and your team of guides and angels, your Highest Self and my own.

Your private sessions will also include, as appropriate for you, empowering Law of Attraction life coaching, metaphysical and intuitive training, spiritual counseling and more.

What this means for you as my client is that YOU EXPERIENCE HEALING OF BODY, MIND, HEART AND SOUL in a powerful yet gentle, very nurturing way.


"I have had so many readings and healings over the years but I have never experienced anything like this. I've found my joy again! Wow!"
~Bonnie Haas


You also receive clear guidance, and, because I believe we ALL have a direct connection to Source and I am committed to teaching as well as healing, you benefit from meditation & intuitive training for your own spiritual development.


When your healing goes all the way to the core, the soul and energy level, and we truly reprogram and align on all levels, your positive life changes can be created from the inside out and you achieve success!

Only sign up for this if you are done with the struggle and really ready to prosper, shine and love your life!


The most amazing thing about this healing is that we are operating completely outside of linear time, able to travel back in time to the original cause of your issues, where you will let go of anything you need to release, forgive, and find the gift from the experience.

The guides and I also help you CREATE HEALING AT THE ANCESTRAL LEVEL! This is truly remarkable because it means that as you yourself are healed, we are also healing this pattern of pain, being a victim or whatever the old pattern was, for your parents, grandparents, all the way back.

We also FACILITATE HEALING FOR YOUR OFFSPRING/CREATIONS -- for the Seven Generations and beyond, for the healing of THE PLANET AND ALL BEINGS.


We bring in your Higher Self and access the wisdom of your Future Self to help you get from Point A (now) to Point B (the life you came here to live).

I offer a uniquely holistic integration of the following transformational healing modalities, intuitively customized to meet your needs right now, including:



Angelic healing with Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Ariel, Raphael, Ezekiel, Uriel, Metatron, whoever is here to help you experience YOUR healing breakthrough. One of the benefits my clients most appreciate about healing and learning at this level is how much more connected they feel to Spirit and their guides and angels.


Mind-body healing power of hypnosis to reprogram subconscious beliefs that had been blocking you from achieving your goals. This QUANTUM REPROGRAMMING helps you "get out of your own way" and get every part of you in alignment with your conscious goals for positive change in your life.


This goes beyond typical hypnotherapy both in gentleness and effectiveness and works even for people who have never been "hypnotized" or have concerns about hypnosis. This is all done in sacred space with incredible divine support, and no script is ever used. You will hear and remember everything you need to, your session is recorded for you.


Your Highest Self is in charge, and the process is 100% safe, natural, holistic and effective. It will simply feel like a relaxing meditation, yet much more is happening than in just a meditation!


Channeling, intuitive reading & heart-centered spiritual counseling. Clients have told me they appreciate my capacity to provide a safe heartspace for their processing, my directness and humor in being a mirror for them, and my psychic skills and connection with Spirit, to help them receive the clear guidance they need.

I also can teach YOU to be more (consistently) intuitive yourself, in a way that is safe, enjoyable and helpful for yourself and others.




Intuitive energy healing such as soul retrieval, cord cutting, Reiki, chakra balancing and healing, to clear old energies out of the aura, revitalize your energy and restore integration and wholeness.

When I do a (Psychic Chakra Aura Map), I read and draw the exact true condition of my client's energy field. Over these 17 years of doing thousands of s, I have identified some common patterns, all of which can be healed with Omnidimensional Healing™.

For example, many people have lines of disconnection in their 3rd and/or 5th chakras which will inhibit success, confidence, abundance and positive use of power, or they have damaging, energy-draining cords still stuck in their heart or other chakras preventing love from coming in or being fully felt, given and received.

Or they may have dark caps blocking their crown or Third Eye chakras so no matter how hard they pray or how much they try to meditate or hear Spirit, it is very difficult (too much static!).

Palm or sole chakras can be too closed, making it difficult to share your gifts, receive abundance, or feel grounded and in your body. The 1st chakra can have a leak causing money to constantly go out as fast as it comes in. (Any of this sounding familiar?)

These are just some examples. The first thing we need to do is your so we identify exactly what is going on in YOUR energy field right now and how to heal it.

Next, clearing out the negative energy, transmuting it so it becomes neutral or positive, and bringing IN the golden divine Light of Source, revitalizing your Kundalini, helping you with your aura boundaries, these are amongst the many spiritual healings and tools you will gain in Omnidimensional Angelic Healing™, that will change your life for the better.


Direct instruction in tools for transformation and self-healing such as meditation, energy mastery, self-hypnosis, self-love, and techniques for living more joyfully, prosperously, creatively and intuitively.


Practical Life Coaching to help you take action steps toward creating the life - and love - of your dreams. The healing work addresses core issues from your past and may involve regression, soul retrieval, hypnosis, and energy healing. The meditation and spiritual training helps you be in the present moment and fill with love and gratitude, to experience life as the precious gift it truly is, and to love yourself and your life more unconditionally and joyfully. And the coaching helps you move forward, to align with and step into your dream life now!

Beyond Law of Attraction
We will use The Law of Attraction, yet go far beyond the other manifesting techniques you probably have already been trying with, I'll bet, partial success. This is because you need to get your positive intentions into your subconscious mind and do the deep soul and energy healing and ALIGNMENT to release your blocks and ACCELERATE YOUR VIBRATIONAL RESONANCE AND ASCENSION.

Have you noticed that you can say affirmations and visualize a thousand times a day but still not get results? Enough of the hard way! You deserve total success in love, in your right livelihood, in life. Now, with my proven advanced quantum reprogramming techniques and the accountability of Golden Portal Coaching and Healing, you will finally succeed. …

What Is Included in Your Deep Omnidimensional Healing Session
Your session begins with prayer to create sacred space and call in our guides, and it will end with assignment of "homelove," your personalized program for continuing and building upon the healing from sessions on your own, choosing love moment by moment. Some sessions will include the creation of a customized CD for reinforcement. There is no extra charge for the CDs we make in your session, and you also get empowering handouts as needed and an email followup.

The Importance of Self-Healing & Reinforcement
Many studies have found that it takes 30-40 days of consistently reprogramming in order to install your new positive thoughts, beliefs and choices so they really stick. This is why reinforcement and homelove are crucial to your lasting success and I support you all the way.


This depends upon your own readiness, how much personal healing and spiritual development you have already achieved, your motivation for positive change, how much ATTENTION you put on your INTENTION by showing up for your sessions and doing your "homelove," and other factors. You may need fewer sessions if you are disciplined and use the home-study resources I will send you such as healing meditation CDs, telecoaching, the Radical Self-Love Workbook and Prosperity Power Pack.

To heal even lifelong core issues, most people need 3-8 sessions over a period of 3 to 6 months. Many clients have told me, “Wow! Just a few sessions with you, and I've healed so much more than after 20 years of talk therapy!”

As you can see, healing sessions like these encompass far more than any of the single modalities alone, which is why the healing is so deep, as well as fast and lasting.

Enough talking about the problems, let's just heal them!
To heal even lifelong core issues, most people need 3-8 sessions over a period of 3 to 6 months. Many clients have told me, “Wow! Just a few sessions with you, and I've healed so much more than after 20 years of talk therapy!”

As you can see, healing sessions like these encompass far more than any of the single modalities alone, which is why the healing is so deep, as well as fast and lasting.

Enough talking about the problems,
let's just heal them!


Your first session is either a 6-hour VIP Day, or a 1-hour (or longer) channeling session. Your first Omni Healing is the longest and may run up to 3 hours in length. The clock does not govern the session. God does. Always allow plenty of time so you get all you need.


Absolutely! Omnidimensional Healing™ is extremely effective by phone, or we can use Skype.

There are no limitations at the level of Spirit, consciousness, energy, God, Love. Some of the MOST powerful sessions my clients have ever had were with people in Canada, England, Australia and across the United States. Of course hands-on, in-person healing is wonderful, but just to give you an example, one of my local clients who was already getting great results coming in person for all her healings suddenly experienced a life-changing quantum leap breakthrough into really aligning with her calling during her first phone session!

All 4 Archangels (Gabriel, Ariel, Michael and Raphael) came through and healed her. Within 15 minutes (!) she went from feeling tired and still wondering what she came here to do, to saying "Oh, my God, Sage! If I weren't afraid about knocking things over, I'd be doing cartwheels right now and jumping for joy! I get it, I heard God telling me to 'go forth' and I am totally amazed. I cannot believe how good I feel. Wow!"

Can you imagine what breakthroughs YOUR Omnidimensional Angelic Healing™ can create for you? You may wish to peruse the Kudos + Praise section if you want to hear other people's experiences of how amazingly effective this total healing work is.


This is also fine. Many people find it quite worth the expense and effort to travel even across the globe for this healing! My team can help you find comfortable, pleasant and affordable lodging nearby and we can discuss ways to arrange a personal retreat for you! There is a certain beauty and joy in being able to look each other in the eyes, experience a celebratory hug at the end of your session. We can also have your healings in our lovely garden, and of course hands-on healing can then be part of your Omnidimensional Healing™ experience.

I know that you were guided to this healing for a reason.

I honor you in loving yourself enough to reach out and to accept loving support and treat yourself to this blessing. It is time to remember who you truly are and fulfill your divine purpose.

Listen to your heart and your own higher guidance, and if you are called to work together, I would be honored to serve you.


I AM accepting a very limited number of new clients at this time due to the immense demand for my services. If you are feeling called, if you are sensing that this is the answer to your prayer (seriously, and joyously!), you need to either get a VIP Day first, sign up for at least a 1-hour channeling session, or go ahead and sign up for a 6-month program, with either 3 or 6 private healing sessions/VIP Days. You get the best rate if you pay in full, and affordable payment plans are also an option.


A logical question. Here's why. I have done thousands of s and I have never met anyone who didn't need at least 3 healings. You will start to experience a shift after one healing. The healings are also cumulative and for some people, it takes a little time to really feel the safety and trust to open up to this level of healing.

I am 100% committed to your total success and miraculous shift. And I know that when we make a mutual, powerful commitment to one another to work together in depth for several months, when we cocreate with Spirit the COMPLETE HEALING PROGRAM YOU NEED, you will be much more likely to succeed and get incredible results because you are committed. (And any of my clients will tell you, I treat my committed clients like family and always go the extra mile for you.)

You will get the healing, the reSOURCEs, the training and the motivational accountability support, EVERYTHING YOU REALLY NEED to succeed and transform your life in ways more magical and miraculous than you can even imagine right now.

If you have NOT had your initial or 1-hour channeling session, click on those to get started.



Bright blessings on your path and I will speak with you soon!

In the Love and Light We ARE,


"I had such a wonderful PsyCAM session with Sage on Saturday! The channeled information is validating, revealing, highly inspirational and full of great suggestions that are detailed and immediately do-able all at the same time!


I drove 5 hours just to experience this in person, and it totally exceeded my expectations. Since the PsyCAM VIP Day, I've been doing Sage's Self-Love meditation and have been receiving reinforcing messages to love myself more! The result so far? I feel more balanced, more energetic and more than ready to have joyful experience undertaking these steps towards achieving my Divine Mission - all with ease and grace. I highly recommend a PsyCAM VIP Day with Sage!

~ Rebecca Chang



"Heartfelt thanks to Sage, Archangel Michael and all the other guides who showed up for my PSYCAM session!

I felt so very loved, nourished, supported, understood, validated, "seen," cherished, empowered and liberated throughout the day. And I felt such love and release during the channeled-especially-for-me prayer. I was actually moved to tears a few times during Sage’s special prayer.


It feels wonderful beyond words to now have a map and picture of where I was on April 6, 2012 and what a much "Higher" possibility is for me, along with knowledge of and a feeling of connection with new loving supportive guides. I now have divinely inspired action steps to move me more and more to progressively Lighter and Brighter possibilities!

I now feel more faith and trust in my ability (with assistance, of course!) to create the life of my dreams! Thank you, Sage and AA Michael!"

~ Stephanie Pannell



"Sage, I have to tell you something. You didn't know this at the time because I didn't tell you just how bad it was, but when I first came to you for spiritual healing, I was in such a state of darkness and despair, I was thinking of throwing it all away. I had just about given up. You literally saved my life. How can I thank you enough? The spiritual clearings we did, wow. And I still use them everyday. And I also want you to know what a difference you made for my mom. I talked to her after that session I bought for her, and not only did it immediately lift her spirits and get her pep back like I haven't seen for years, the pain in her knees is all gone! She couldn't believe it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - G.L.



"Your intuitive reading and healing session has totally transformed my relationship with my body. I feel much better. And now I know how to stay healthy! It also changed my relationship with my ex. We are now having really good talks for the first time, being kind to each other.
Sage, I can't thank you enough."

~Debbie Hoff



Sage conducted a PsyCAM session with me and I was amazed by her insight and moved by the love that pours out of her heart and permeates everything that she writes and says. Her prayers are beyond beautiful and her knowledge about what my body, mind, and spirit need to heal and flourish deeply resonated with me. I would highly recommend the PsyCAM session to ANYONE....no matter how healthy they think they are. The extra knowledge about why you are, who you are, and where you are going is empowering in such a positive and safe way. I am deeply grateful to Sage and the precious gifts she shared with me.
~Dr. Lori Siemens


"You have slept for
millions and millions of years.
Why not wake up this morning?"

~ Kabir

"We can never obtain peace
in the outer world
until we make peace with ourselves."

~ Dalai Lama

"Respond to every call
that excites your spirit."

~ Rumi


Archangel Michael Channel SAGE is an Intuitive Abundance, Life Purpose & Business Acceleration Coach, internationally acclaimed author, spiritual teacher and dynamic speaker specializing in helping Lightworkers and women make more money by making a much bigger difference (and vice-versa!).

The creatrix of the “Prosperous Goddess” program, Sage has helped thousands worldwide leap into more joy, more love, more freedom and more abundance.

SAGE’s first book, The Radical Self-Love Workbook, is now in 9 countries. SAGE has been featured at many venues including radio, television and has shared the stage with T. Harv Eker and Marianne Williamson at Peak Potentials. Sage is also a clinical hypnotherapist, Third-Degree Usui Reiki Master and Teacher, ordained interfaith minister, mystic poet, and soul healer via Intuitive Angelic Miracle Healing (I AM Healing™) & Omnidimensional Healing Modality™ (OHM), both of which were channeled through her. She is currently the ONLY provider of these exponentially powerful healing methods on the planet.

She has been repeatedly accused of being a transformation CATALYST who will stop at nothing to help her clients get clear and in gear for their best lives - their blessed lives, so frankly, you should only work with her if you are ready to move some energy and get unstuck FAST! (You have been warned ☺)

Sage is also the creator/channel for the PsyCAM™ - Psychic Chakra Aura Map, the comprehensive soul intuitive reading that is a clear, empowering blueprint for improving every area of your life, as well as the Aligning with Abundance™ reprogramming audio. After overcoming bankruptcy, disability and homelessness, SAGE joyfully earns six figures doing what she loves while enjoying her 2 children, her Husky rescue dog, and an indescribably wonderful marriage with her Twin Flame soulmate near Sacramento, CA.

Look, let's save you some time. SAGE's credentials can go on for pages and pages, so… Since she and AAM are known more for levity than brevity, let's just put it this way:
Sage, The Prosperous Goddess, is the Midlife Midwife to Your Soul's Rebirth!

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